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GATHER! is an online community and a weekly, digital publication for people who love plants.

Hi, I'm Robin Harford,

I created GATHER! to help you go deep into your plant journey. 

A place for me to share all my knowledge with you.
Over many years I have developed a way of seeing and working with plants that I have been told is, well, not to put too fine a point on it... "unique".

This way of working with plants is far deeper than a 3-second dopamine hit on Instagram.

Don't get me wrong, I love Instagram. But it has its limits.

Traipsing through remote parts of the world seeking out and meeting plant people from traditional cultures, has meant I've learnt a lot about how humans work with plants. 

And because it simply isn't possible for me to personally teach the 6000+ folk on my foraging courses waiting list face-to-face ...

... GATHER! is the next best thing to coming to a live event with me.
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It's personal. Like coming round to my house for a chat is personal.

Being a member of GATHER! means you get direct access to me. 

Can pick my brains. 

Not in some kind of "I'm the king of the castle" way. 

More like a knowledgeable and trusted guide. I'm here to help and encourage you.

And you'll have other community members to help too.
My love of the plants and my interaction with them was given a massive boost by your knowledge. I am now starting the pre-study for a PhD in Mycology. Your enthusiasm for the world around us is infectious, thank you.
Pip Martin

GATHER! is a place to share what we discover ... together.

As a member you will be able to discuss what you have learned and share your own knowledge and understanding of plants with others.

I often say to those on my foraging courses that plants are the foundation of human culture.

Let me explain …

Plants are 400 million years old. Humans a mere 200,000 years old.

Our existence would not be possible without plants. When we are born, and then throughout our entire lives, every breath we take has been given to us by plants.

In the past our knowledge of the plant kingdom went deep … very deep.

In many traditional cultures plants are seen as great teachers. 

They have always shown us how we can feed, clothe and heal ourselves, and be in balance with the rest of Life.
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It is through relearning the myths, folklore and stories of plants and how they have nourished and healed us, that we deepen our sense of belonging to the natural world. Restore our vital connection.

Honouring the plants and our relationship with them, means we know who we are as a species. Our ecological function.

By journeying into the plant kingdom, the painful disconnect many feel, may finally start being soothed and healed.

My goal is to help people reimagine and recreate a floral culture that puts plants centre stage in every household.

Benefits of being a member...

Every week you’ll receive a comprehensive notebook showcasing a wild plant…

through its folklore, food and medicine.
Each notebook comes with high-resolution photos to help identify the plant correctly. It's delivered directly to your inbox.

You’ll have access to it anytime, anywhere on any device…

… whether it’s a desktop, laptop, phone or tablet.
Every notebook that you receive (52 of them over the year) becomes part of your personal wild plant encyclopaedia.

But more than that, GATHER! is a private community for plant lovers, where you’ll be able to chat, share and learn together.
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  • From April through November, you get an audio walk and talk sent out once a month. It's like coming out on a private forage with me.

  • You also get short to the point videos, when the things I discuss in the audios need further explanation. Like poisonous lookalikes!

  • And then there's the 20% discount off every live event I hold. 

Now, obviously I can't guarantee you a place, because how often you open up your email is dependent on you, not me. And email is how I will notify you of new dates.

But I can assure you this.

As a member of the GATHER! community you get first 'dibs' days before everyone else.
It's a bit like jumping the queue to get into a fancy restaurant or nightclub. Priority treatment for passionate plant people :-)
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And there's more...

I won't say much, but I have a challenge for you coming in Spring 2019.

Not a horrible challenge. A fun challenge. 

A way to move through the seasons at your own pace. In a way that helps reconnect you deeply to plants.

So all the fascinating facts and figures stuff you'll be learning through the Winter becomes embodied. A living expression in your life.

That's powerful. Because working with plants regularly, radically changes your understanding of the world around you ... 

... and yourself. It's transformative. Healing. Inspirational even.

Like this email I got the other day from Suzi who just joined our community, along with her friend...

Who created GATHER!

Robin Harford is a professional forager, ethnobotanical researcher, wild food educator and sensory botanist.

He gathers wild edible plants on a daily basis, and is the creator of the UK’s leading wild food site, which is listed in The Times Top 50 websites for food and drink.
Robin has been writing, filming, publishing and teaching people about their local edible landscape since 2008. Recently his foraging courses where voted #1 in the country by BBC Countryfile.

He is a co-director of Plants & Healers International, a non-profit that connects people, plants and healers around the world.

He travels extensively documenting and recording the traditional and local uses of wild food plants in indigenous cultures, and his work has taken him to Africa, India, SE Asia, Europe and the USA.

Robin has taught foraging at Eden Project, appeared on BBC2’s Edwardian Farm, Soul Seekers TV series, on national and local BBC radio.

Featured in: BBC Good Food magazine, Sainsbury’s magazine as well as in The Guardian, The Times, The Independent, The Daily Telegraph, GQ, The Ecologist and Green Parent, to name a few.
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