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A monthly, digital publication designed to help you become a safe, confident and knowledgeable forager.

It is a series of notebooks on the past and present uses of wild plants as food and medicine, as well as their folklore.

They also contain multiple high resolution photos to help you safely identify each plant.

Two notebooks are released on the first Thursday of every month, and delivered to your inbox as a PDF. 

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The next notebooks to be published will be:
  • September 2019: Bramble and Mallow.
  • October 2019: Yarrow and Guelder Rose.
  • November 2019: Rowan and Wood Avens.
  • December 2019: Hawthorn and Pine.
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What Others Are Saying...

"The scope, scholarship, references and wonderful photographs make these notebooks a brilliant resource and a source of constant pleasure. Thank you." - Lynne Friedli

"I have just started reading your wonderful notebook. I have a small amount of knowledge and find your extensive writings absolutely absorbing." - Mandy Conway

"I just love the notebooks. They are very informative and useful." - Angie Woodard

"I’m loving all the notebooks! Great quality images and fascinating histories of medicine, folklore, cookery." - Angela Goddard

About Robin Harford

Robin is a plant-based forager, ethnobotanical researcher, and wild food educator.

He has been writing, filming, publishing and teaching people about their local edible landscape since 2008. Recently his foraging courses where voted #1 in the country by BBC Countryfile.

He travels extensively documenting and recording the traditional and local uses of wild food plants in indigenous cultures, and his work has taken him to Africa, India, SE Asia, Europe and the USA.